Explain AmbiRad

You cannot talk about gas fired radiant heaters without mentioning AmbiRad. Apart from being the leading European manufacturer of has heaters, the company also deals with roof ventilation systems. AmbiRad stands out for its world class standards in the production of high quality and energy efficient heating solutions. Talk about energy and cost efficient heating solutions cannot end without mentioning ambirad. Most of its roof ventilation systems are environmentally friendly so you don’t have to worry about your carbon footprint.

As a world leader, AmbiRad is best known for gas heaters, radiant heaters, and warm air systems. Their products are best applied to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, private, and public sector customers all over the world. Most of their customers are contractors and facility managers.AmbiRad handles the wide spectrum of heating, frost protection and roof ventilation services.

Most of the systems provided by AmbiRad are utilized worldwide. They can be found in applications including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, vehicle service centers, aeroplane hangars, and dock areas. Thus, expect them to build heat load calculation, fuel cost calculation, computer aided design, and fuel cost calculation. Yet their customer service doesn’t stop before they provide on-site support, training, and system commissioning.

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